Objectives of green and blue infrastructure

The French Environment Code sets green and blue infrastructure (TVB) the following objectives:

  1. To reduce fragmentation and the vulnerability of natural habitats and species' habitats, and take their movements into account in the context of climate change;
  2. To identify, conserve and connect areas that are important to biodiversity conservation through ecological corridors;
  3. To implement the water quality and quantity objectives set by the river basin management plans (RBMP) ;
  4. To take wildlife biology into account;
  5. To facilitate the genetic exchanges necessary to the survival of wildlife species;
  6. To improve the quality and diversity of the landscape.

Green and blue infrastructure must also contribute to the favourable conservation of natural habitats and species and achieving GES for water bodies, and identifying and delimiting the TVB's ecological continuities must allow animal and plant species whose conservation or rehabilitation is a national or regional issue, to move around to complete their life cycle and encourage their ability to adapt.